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Who We Are

“RumahKasih” offers free shelter, food and medical treatment for the discharged poor, homeless, old and terminally ill abandoned patients. Here, we have diabetics without limbs, cancer patients disowned by their children, mentally-challenged people whose families could not be traced, paralytic patients and accident victims, old people who have simple outlived their usefulness. Too old, sick or handicapped to work. Some abandoned people have no one to turn to in the entire world. Some of their families are too poor, and some have faded out of memory.

#1 Our Objectives

  • Free hospice services to provide palliative care that fulfill the needs of the elderly and unfortunate patients that are abandoned in government hospitals.
  • Organize community caring and sharing activities.
  • Work together with government and private hospitals.
  • Expounds the teachings of the Buddha and hold Buddhist chanting services.
  • Help unfortunate families.
  • Arrange for free decent and respectable funeral services for deceased of poor families and destitute regardless of race or religion
  • Provide reasonably priced dignified funeral services, offered by HKL authorized casket companies,  to ensure that every family could have a respectful ambient ceremony to bid farewell to their loved one, thus fulfill the wishes of their departed.

Since the year 2000, Rumah Kasih has taken in more than 530 patients. As the number of inmates has escalated, we have then opened the third charity home in Taman Setapak, Kuala Lumpur.

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