Established Since 2002

Charity Home

A home for Malaysia’s forgotten senior citizens and abandoned patients in government hospitals. Since the year of 2000, Rumah Kasih has taken in more than 530 patients!

Shelter for the Poor, Old and Homeless

Rumah Kasih charity home is on a mission to take care of the discharged poor, old, homeless and abandoned patients in government hospitals free of charge.

RumahKasih (Registration No. 001431811-M ) is under the care of Persatuan Kebajikan Orang Terabai dan Warga Emas Rumah Kasih Kuala Lumpur (Registration No. 2312-10-WKL)

In your moments of need or grief let us lend you a helping hand.

We offer free shelter, food and medical treatment to help the poor, old and homeless.


Volunteers Needed

Rising Numbers of Seniors Left Behind Hospitals

Help Unfortunate Families

Free hospice services to provide palliative care that fulfill the needs of the elderly
and unfortunate patients that are abandoned in government hospitals.

Decent and respectable funeral services

Work together with hospitals

community caring and sharing activities

Hear their Stories

A total of 205 patients were abandoned by their families in 2011. 95% of those abandoned came from poor families.

In most cases, family members refused to take them back or could not be contacted because fake telephone numbers and addresses were given during registration.

Datuk Hasnah Sulaiman

Medical Social Work Department Head, Hospital Kuala Lumpur

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No. 773, Lot 222, Jalan Umbun 2,
Taman Setapak, 53000 Kuala Lumpur,


Call us (24 Hours) - Mr Foong


Rumah Kasih Charity Home

As the purse is emptied, the heart is filled